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TTM Hospital: Fulfilling the Hope for Modernizing TTM

Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital has been moving forward in its commitment to developing TTM. Its planned TTM hospital has been under construction and open in 24 June 2016

The hospital will operate as a medical unit run independently of conventional medical doctors With its own inpatient ward and patient history filling system, TTM doctors will be able to set up and build a knowledge base by which they can search and organize information, test TTM theories, and develop TTM into an evidence-based system. This arrangement would allow TTM to offer treatments that cover a much wider range of diseases and disorders. The facility, with a usable space of 2,000 m2, combines all aspects of TTM-services, practice, research and learning.

Though functioning as a separate unit, the hospital will maintain a close working and learning relationship with the conventional medical unit through the utilization of modern diagnostic equipment and a referral system.

TTM clinic/ Thai Massage

If they wish, outpatients can get TTM service directly at the hospital's TTM clinic. Its treatments emphasize the prexcription of herbal medicines, traditonal massage, herbal steam bath, and hot compress. Applied TTM doctors would examine, diadnose, prescribe treatments, and assess the result according to TTM theories.

Traditional massage is performed by TTM doctor assistants trained and qualified according to the professional standards of Public Health Ministry. The masseurs practice Abhaibhubejhr-style massage - a combination of techniques of the Court-type School and the Cha-loei-sak school - Which can be flexible in meeting the therapeutic needs of each individual patient.

service Price  
Thai massage 200 THB (60 min)
Oil massage 250 THB (60 min)
Oil massage and Herbal body compress ball (locally) 200 THB (45 min)
Foot massage 200 THB (45 min)
Relaxing facial massage 200 THB (45 min)
Herbal body compress ball 150 THB (30 min)
Herbal Steam 120 THB (30 min)
Holistic health care for confinement lady 500 THB/1 time
Scrub body 400 THB (90 min)
** Special clinic : Psoriasis Monday - Saturday 1 PM - 4 PM